Hummingbird Studio Calendar

Current Offerings

May 19-21         She Dances on the Earth

Every step taken can be devotion to our own passion for life.  She will be an expression of movement  and She knows that where She walks, flowers bloom.

Open Studio  Every Wednesday  Beginning February  21st 9:30-12:30…  donation accepted if you use my paint.  Bring something you are painting or begin something new.

I offer Creativity Weekends using intuitive painting and intentional creativity for $150, Fri. Eve through Sun. afternoon.
Transform your story into a legend. Examples:

  • Meet Your Muse
  • Queen of My Heart
  • The Medicine Woman
  • Gypsy Heart

I also offer half-day Red thread Sessions for $65 (3-5 hours)

  • House of Belonging
  • What's In Your Medicine Basket
  • Soul Story Cards

I am also offering a Girls 5 session Rites of Passage – I Come From Beauty - Create a Beautiful Self Portrait


NO Painting Experience Necessary   The ‘Colour of Woman’ method is a guided journey which includes a natural flow of steps that lead to an amazing painting of an archetypal aspect of yourself. The process is insightful, mindful and joyful for anyone who is willing to say YES.

Intentional Creativity Philosophy

Intentional creativity provides a structure or process within which we can identify our own authentic voice. This voice is different than the constant negative mind chatter we take for granted as being ‘ours’. We gain recognition of this distinction through inquiry and deep listening as the creative act unfolds. This act of simply noticing and paying attention transforms dense patterns and old stories into spaciousness where wonder and mystery flow. This process naturally empowers us to make choices that are life giving for ourselves and our community.

Intentional creativity is a mindfulness practice in a sense; being present with what is happening in the moment and bringing that awareness into clear focus. The intentional act of creating is simply the container in which this practice takes place and also the vehicle through which once sees the results of this process; personally expressed beauty. Gradually, listening only to one’s own internal guidance system takes over and the deepest desire of the heart is joyfully revealed.

Reciprocity…..all weekend workshops are $150 which includes all materials. I accept trades and negotiations. If you have done 3 workshops  with me you can have one for only $50.