What I'm Passionate About...

I am in love with colour, creating beauty, and appreciating the mystery of living on this earth. I invited the artist archetype into my life in 1999. I was 50 then and finally I found a way to express myself. Previously, I was someone who was terrified of speaking in groups or being noticed. I was liberated. I painted my first Mandala with master teacher Paul Heussenstamm with whom I learned that art is for everyone and the Mandala was a fairly simple way to integrate all the chaos of life into beautiful wholeness. I learned to teach this process through assisting Paul, I then had my own mandala classes for several years. Teaching is also my passion.

As a young adult, I became aware that I love connecting with children so I learned to run day-care centres and had my own Preschool for a time. Eventually I got my Masters in Special Education and taught in elementary schools for several years.

Over the years, I have participated in rituals and ceremony to understand and transform my own conditioned feelings of unworthiness. I dove further into myself with 5 years of Mystery School study: The Tarot and the Tree of Life with Carol Stewart. I use the tools I learned to inspire and orient myself into the ‘now’ of everyday living.

I have developed ritual and ceremony to guide teen girls to find their own belonging and beauty using art as a way of honouring steps towards womanhood. I feel strongly that such initiation is the responsibility of us all collectively at this chaotic time.

I have co-created community based on consensus and cooperation. Connection is an endless fascination of mine manifested currently as teaching the Colour of Woman method of painting developed by Shilo McCloud. The method is using Intentional creativity which is all about connecting to ones heart’s desires through Inquiry; to used and develop intuition and to honour our unique voice.

Hence, within the creative weekends and courses that I offer, there is a sweet community connection that is developed with us all as we learn to listen to and express what is real for us in the moment.

I am deeply grateful for my partner of 33 years and our wonderful daughter. They both possess deep wisdom and a compassion for living that both supports and inspires me as I continue to grow and learn to share myself more gracefully and confidently.